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Here’s the small collection of bands I’ve played in or recorded with over the years.  I’ve had varying roles in these bands,  Singer songwriter & Guitars, and/or Bass player.

The Bottoms.  ’03-’07  I’m THE man, it’s my songs played by a who’s who of my musician friends.  We have Two records out, simply titled 1st and 2nd records and a third on the way.

Angry Neighbors.  A raucous loud raunchy rock band put together by our touring crew during the 2007-11 tours.  I play bass and do some singing.

Woosley Band.  ’04-’05, & 2012.  One of a few Bass Players in this revolving door Co-Op type band

Twin Cam.  2012.  I’m the new guy for now.  Playing Bass, taking over for Chad Scholtisek.  Loud up fast pop rock.

Psychic Revolution.  ’08-’09.  Mick Divvens Gtr/Vocals.  Fritz Fekete Gtr.  Chris Wood Drums. Andy Hindman Bass.

No official recordings from this band.  I may put up some “bootlegs” from our Live shows or the recording sessions we did but if I do this I’ll surely incur the wrath of main man Mick Divvens.  We played a lot around Columbus in these years including opening for The Eagles of Death Metal at The Newport Music Hall.  Columbus band Two Cow Garage was also on this show.  Mick Divvens is the Axl Rose of Columbus, Ohio.  A recluse who makes great music and has an incredible Rock voice but disappears for years at a time.  I heard that this line-up was together longer and did more shows than anything Mick has done since his hey-day in the Boys From Nowhere in the late ’80’s & early ’90’s. We had a good run but after we played the main stage at Comfest in 2008 Mick went AWOL.  None of us heard from him for over a year.  The band was done, just like that.  Picking up the pieces the rest of us looked for a replacement singer.  This line-up became Tilt 

Tilt.  2009.  Same line-up as Psychic Revolution but with new singer Ron Arps on board.

Very short lived band and again no official recordings.  I will soon put up a couple songs form our unfinished recording sessions.

Gig Butt.  2001  This “album” was recorded in the back of our tour bus on a long three day ride from Los Angeles to Detroit right after Thanksgiving in 2001. We wired up the back lounge, passed around guitars and a drum machine for everyone to play. We recorded any and every song we could get together. Sounds just as chaotic as I remember. That horrible hiss you hear is what you would get trying to record on a moving tour bus.Very few copies of this were ever pressed. Lots of inside jokes about the Britney Spears tour of 2001 we were on at the time.

Available FREE here for all my roadie friends from that 2001 Britney Spears tour, and anyone brave enough to download these songs.

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