Luscious Jackson 2000

2000     20 shows

Luscious Jackson

Luscious Jackson

Not a long run, Kind of a stop-gap tour.  It was early in 2000 a Feb-March run when not much touring is going on.  The Goo Goo Doll tour had ended the previous year and I was in this limbo of just having finished six months on a real tour in a bus and semi-trucks and all that and I surely didn’t want to back to the van, fuck that.

Luscious Jackson were managed by the same people as the Goo Goo Dolls.  I would work for four of their bands in the years to come.  Managers like to keep a roster of good quality roadies on hand and I had found my way onto this list.  They called, they knew I had just busted out of the van world and I’d work for cheap.  Not the $300/week I made in the van days but still cheap compared to other guys as I was still new to the bus and semi-truck tours.

Luscious Jackson/Smashmouth Akron, OH. 2/25/2000

Luscious Jackson/Smashmouth Akron, OH. 2/25/2000

So this tour was a short quick run, a Yahoo sponsored tour with Smashmouth and Luscious Jackson as the headliners and a few other van bands I don’t remember as opening bands.  They were touring in support of their last record Electric Honey.  This was the first tour I did where I knew nobody going into it.  Not one person.  Usually you’ll know someone on a tour, a friend will bring you in or a friend of a friend is on a tour and that’s how you got the gig.  This was simply me rolling with it, taking what was coming to me.  If these managers felt comfortable calling me for more tours who was I to turn them down?  This was me jumping in feet first to this new touring world I had worked so hard to get into.

I did it, I got paid, I made some connections and I moved on.  Little did I know at the time this was to be Luscious Jacksons last tour.  Never a band to have big commercial success this Yahoo sponsored tour was their biggest payday yet.  They were going out on a high and I don’t blame them.  I used to play Johnny Thunders songs on guitar during the day and like a good New York rocker Gabby Glaser would always know the song, so cool.

Luscious Jackson are back working on their first record since the 1999 release of Electric Honey back to their roots as a truly independent band.  Go to Pledge Music to see updates on their new recordings.

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