I am professional Roadie/Guitar Tech/Drum Tech. I also have my own band, The Bottoms and play with a few other bands. Angry NeighborsWoosley Band & Twin Cam.  This will serve as a central location for all the recordings I’ve done over the years with various bands.  Also, I’ll be providing witty insight from time to time on the world of rock tours and traveling.

Almost 1900 shows under my belt (1,868 as of 6/1/13) in 28 different countries including Puerto Rico, 405 different cities.

The first series of Blogs are about how a guy like me gets into this racket called the music business, all the bands I’ve worked for and why them at that time.

When I tell people what I do for a living the first question is always ” Wow, how did you get into that”?  The next question is always “How did you get to work with the Goo Goo Dolls“?….  Well here’s the story…  My road friends will find it quite boring I’m sure.  My family and friends will, hopefully, find an interesting tale of grimy van tours to the top of the mountain (Top 40 tours) and then settling into a groove and working for the same band for 14 years and counting.  Enjoy and always Support Local Music!

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